Alvaro Viveiros

Alvaro Viveiros

Product Designer in São Paulo, Brazil


Hello, I'm Alvaro, a passionate product designer dedicated to creating intuitive, customer-centric experiences through a data-driven approach.

With over 9 years of experience in the financial sector, I have held roles in banks, startups, and large retailers. My journey has taken me from Developer and Engineer to a Designer who understands the nuances of code. This dual expertise allows me to bridge gaps and create seamless user experiences.

Currently, I am working at Itaú, managing investments across various sectors. My primary focus is on Variable Revenues, where I aim to enhance user experience by helping clients understand and manage their finances effectively. Previously, I was with Friday Finance in Berlin, where I assisted businesses across Europe in organizing their finances.

I hail from São Paulo, where I spent my formative years. Outside of work, I enjoy exploring new destinations on my motorcycle, spending quality time with my daughter, and engaging in online gaming sessions with friends.


Tagueamento at Via

Data-driven wasn't a reality at Via, so we started creating Tags and putting all user flow at Google Analytics, we've created Dashboards at Power Bi and Data Studio to distribute to all collaborators at Via.

banQi updates at Via

Using design fundamentals, banQi had an great update at UX and UI, delivering much more facilities to the client. After that, we had upper the access and user daily base 20%!

2020 at Itaú

With my team we created, where all the collaborators of Itaú could get all the Design Assets that exist in Itaú, making it consistence and easier

Template at Itaú

I've created a method using Figma and Adobe XD to replicate all the sizes and arts of a creative piece for marketing, with it we could create more than 500 arts withing seconds (before had a delay of 1 week to make the same job).

Work Experience

2024 — Now
São Paulo

Investment Team.

Creating flows, users tests, data analysis, and structuring user journeys for those interested in investing with Itaú.

2021 — 2024
São Paulo, Brasil

Part of the Financial Systems team, coordinating the flows and the entire Design structure for channels that have some type of financial transaction.
We also help in the development of solutions and proposals for improvements, as well as data collection with Power BI, targeting with Google Analytics and right decisions in the user experience.

2022 — 2023
Berlim, Germany

• I had a key role in creating the Design System and taking the lead in revamping the platform.
• I reorganized the platform to make sure it met the needs of our customers, in line with the company's principles.

Skills: Designing with the User in Mind · Crafting User-Focused Products · Enhancing User Experience · Testing Designs with Users · Shaping Effective System Designs

2020 — 2021
São Paulo, Brasil

Outsourced bank Itaú.
Part of the Branding team at Banco Itaú. We are responsible for ensuring consistency between all the bank's brands, in addition to providing training, creating templates and structuring strategic brand paths. I am responsible for the templatization, where we optimize the development of performance pieces and the visual approval of the brand. We have optimized parts production time to an incredible level, reaching up to 220% of the total time.

2017 — 2020
São Paulo, Brasil

Banco Santander outsourced.
Responsible for the Design part of several architecture and devops projects within the bank, highlighting the PERT project, which turned in the main tool for orchestrating deployments within the Santander environment worldwide! :)

2017 — 2017
São Paulo, Brasil

Google third-party.
Worked at Google's support team, where I answered questions and helped in the strategies of companies (large and small) with traffic (AdX, AdSense and DFP). Interesting point: I provided support in 3 different languages ​​(English, Spanish and Portuguese). It was an incredible opportunity, since I was a child I dreamed and told my parents that one day I would work for Google somehow (and I managed!)

2016 — 2017
São Paulo, Brasil

I worked on a pioneering localization project in the Games area, I was responsible for structuring the project in Brazil and for the Branding of a world famous game team called Rox Tigers (Korean team). Coordinated communities around the world, location and brand positioning in different regions of the world.

2015 — 2016
São Paulo, Brasil

I worked as Technical Support, where I helped in innovation projects, software architecture projects, network structuring and technological health of the institution in general. Highlight for a specific project where I presented new technologies such as 3D Printer, Oculus Rift and Makey Makey at the Catavento museum, in downtown SP for any audience! :)

2014 — 2016
São Paulo, Brasil

Journalist for a Nerd stuff blog, I was responsible for eSports and Games in general. I participated in championships, covered events and interviewed small and large companies. It was mega important to start sinking into this world of business and games.

2014 — 2015
São Paulo, Brasil

I participated in the administration and was responsible for Branding, where I took care of social networks, graphics, tone of voice...